Royal Tokaji
Royal Tokaji
Royal Tokaji
Royal Tokaji was the first foreign company to invest in the Tokaji wine region. This pioneering leap of faith prompted the Hungarian Government to privatise other state owned vineyards and sell them to other foreign investors, mainly French insurance companies.
Thus started the rebirth of this once famed region, evolving from one state winery production and label to some twenty private winery producers and wines today. Royal Tokaji's unique portfolio of award winning wines includes Dry Furmint, Late Harvest, 5 and 6 putotnyos blends, Single Vineyard Aszú wines (Mézes Mály, Betsek, Szt Tamás, Nyulászó and Birsalmás) and the legendary Essencia. Royal Tokaji incorporates the name of the region in its brand name to highlight the wines authenticity. A Royal Tokaji wine guarantees provenance of the highest pedigree. The company's livery, as embodied in the distinctive labelling, was created over 100 years ago.
Royal Tokaji King Louis XIV
Vinnum Regnum, Rex Vinorum
The Wine of Kings, the King of Wines King Louis XIV (1638 ~ 1715)
Tokaji Aszu wines are Europe’s original sweet white wines. These wines are immortalised by consumers that included Prince Rakoczi, Pope Pius IV, King Louis XIV, Catherine the Great, Voltaire, President Jefferson, Eugenie Napoleon and Queen Victoria. Tokaji is the wine region. Tokaj is the town. Aszu refers to the unique style of wine produced in this classified wine region. Royal Tokaji is the leading independent producer of these wines.
These sweet and dry wines have glorious richness combined with uplifting acidity. The average alcoholic strength is around 10-11% demonstrating that you do not need high alcohol to produce world class wines. Enjoy Royal Tokaji wines served chilled in white wine glasses.
Generous measures and you will get 4 glasses of wine to a 50 cl bottle. Standard pour and you will get 8 of wine glasses to a 50 cl bottle. When? A glass by itself, mid-morning to a night cap. With food these wines, ideal with foie gras, aged gouda cheese and chocolate or fruit based desserts.