Royal Tokaji
Royal Tokaji
Royal Tokaji
1) Mézes Mály (Great First Growth)
The name translates from Latin as honeycomb. From the village of Tarcal, this wine is one of the great 1st growth vineyards. The loess top-soil of the vineyard gives a honey-like, floral character to the wine.
2) Szt. Tamás (First Growth)
Szt. Tamás is a South facing vineyard in Mád. Today Szt Tamas is the most expensive vineyard due to the outstanding character of the wines it produces. It is also one of the highest vineyards with stony, rich clay topsoil.
3) Nyulászó (First Growth)
One of the most characteristic vineyards of the company. Red volcanic clay with only pockets of loess soil present. The grapes grown here produce lively, elegant and highlyperfumed wines. Because of this unusual soil composition, wines from Nyulászó's grapes are often the most complex wines in the Royal Tokaji portfolio.
4) Betsek (First Growth)
The largest of the 1st growth vineyards faces South-East. The area where the vineyard is located is typically cold. The black volcanic topsoil contributes to the mineral and lovely black pepper characters of the wine.
5) Birsalmás (Second Growth)
A tiny vineyard located in Mád facing South-East. Loess-clay mixed top soil which provides a minty and elegant scent with a long lasting fruity flavour and a hint of quince, honey and peaches.