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Furmint in the Top 10
24 March 2015
Gabriel Stone, Managing Editor of The Drinks Business Magazine, writes about The Top 10 underrated white grape varieties. Here’s what she has to say about Furmint and Royal Tokaji.

Royal Tokaji Wines Royal Tokaji Selection Dry Furmint 2011

Inextricably linked with one of the world’s most historically admired wines, Tokaji, Furmint has a long track record of producing top quality wines, and yet would draw blank stares from most wine drinkers.

In part, that PR issue is linked to the wider challenges facing Tokaji’s own revival, emerging from decades of damage from phylloxera, war and communism into a world that had largely lost its taste for sweet wines.

Today, however, producers such as Royal Tokaji are working hard to restore the region to its former international glory through a combination of inventive serving suggestions, single vineyard releases and even dry styles which show off Furmint’s charms in more contemporary way.

With many of today’s younger generation of sommeliers captivated by the food-friendly, charismatic expressions offered by Furmint, not just in Hungary but Slovenia and Austria too, the variety has also been given the chance of more mainstream appeal as a recent addition to Tesco’s Finest range.

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