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Dry Furmint: what to drink this week
31 January 2017
Writing in Country Life, Harry Eyres recommends Dry Furmint: Royal Tokaji Dry Tokaji 2015 and Royal Tokaji Mézes Mály Dry Furmint 2010

'DryFurmint: this grape makes tremendous sweet Tokay and dry white wines'.

Royal Tokaji wines Dry Furmint

Serious wine buffs among you will know that Furmint is the grape used to make the luscious Hungarian Tokay, the wine of emperors. Left on the vine well into autumn, close to the banks of the Bodrog River, Furmint grapes attract the attentions of the noble rot, which concentrates their baked-apple and spice flavours and aromas to almost unbearable levels of intensity.

Why you should be drinking it:
A less-well-known fact is that Furmint, in the same region, also makes superb dry whites, which for some reason have not—at least for the past few centuries—had the reknown of the sweet wines. The combination of the fiery, high-quality, high-acid grape and complex volcanic soils makes for serious, food-friendly wines, which combine spice and minerality as very few whites any¬where in the world can do.

What to drink:
Royal Tokaji Dry Tokaji 2015 has an attractive greenish colour, a subtle bitter-herb character on the nose, good vinosity and length with barely perceptible oak.

Best of all is the single-vineyard Royal Tokaji Mezes Maly Dry Furmint 2010 which is smoky, spicy and fiery on the nose and intense and saline on the palate, with great depth, it's a Hungarian grand cru.

Royal Tokaji Dry Tokaji 2015 £9.99
Royal Tokaji Mezes Maly Dry Furmint 2010 £28.70

Country Life, January 4, 2017

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