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Feeling better for Essencia
24 March 2016
Johnny Ray can’t promise he’d stick to Dame Sally’s advice, but keeping to wines of 12.5 per cent and below does make him feel better for it.

Royal Tokaji 2003 Essencia

Read his advice – ‘From Sauternes to Tokaji: A Guide to the Very Best Sweet White Wines’ - and his Six of the Best 12.5% vol or lower including Royal Tokaji Essencia 2003 from Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd.

About Essencia:

The Essencia instantly appeals when you pour it with its gloriously thick texture in the glass. The colour is bright amber laced with 511 grams of residual sugar which is visible in the wine, like an incredible pane of stained glass. The nose is incredibly complex and expressive with scents of honey, peach, freesia, blossom and citrus peel. With each swirl of the glass more layers reveal themselves, now apricot and orange with an energetic viscosity in the mouth. The length is one of the longest finishes on a wine I believe I have tasted and it is more detailed than I could have ever imagined. Simply glorious. According to Chris Donaldson MW, at 2.2% ABV, the Essencia is ‘good for babies and good for breakfast.

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